Guido Steenkamp

Born in West Germany in 1973, Guido Steenkamp has been working in Berlin for the last 20 years. Guido Steenkamp got into Street Photography about 11 years ago.
  • “Guido Steenkamp‘s street photography concentrates on the symmetry of life, each picture not only beautifully composed but full of extraordinary geometric juxtapositions. It is the work of an artist with a keen eye for detail, who works in the present, who is drawn to the balance of life and the humour that can be derived from it. Street photographers come in all guises, with their own aesthetic, sensibility and natural affinity for particular aspects of everyday life. For Steenkamp this means elevating the ordinary to the artistic, the light, form and structure of each picture creating a sense of cinematic brilliance that offers us a different view, an alternative look at the world around us. The seemingly mundane turned into a special moment, given a clarity that would otherwise be forgotten.” 
  • "A man of many cities, Guido Steenkamp is another photographer specializing in urban photography, capturing the heart and soul of Berlin, Germany and Vienna Austria along with New York City."
  • "The Berlin based photographer Guido Steenkamp is one of the well known street photographers in Germany."
  • "When one likes Black & White Street Photography, it is very hard to resist loving Guido Steenkamp. Those Stunning play of light and shadows, with a great artistic composition is very hard to resist. He does shoot in color too, which is provoking as well. Born in Germany, he has been working in Berlin for the last 13 years."
  • "Tolle Inspirationen bieten uns die Street-Fotografen Guido Steenkamp und Roman Tripler. Beiden gelingt es unglaublich gut, mit kleinen Ausschnitten der Wirklichkeit, ein Gefühl für das Große zu vermitteln."